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The China Mission 2019 team is in planning to go China this fall.

Northwest Community Church has yearly missions trips to China to directly help the Neil Taylor Care Center, an orphanage in Rongshui, Guangxi province, and to visit foster children that we support in the area.  Donations can be made at  Every dollar goes to the orphans and foster children.

To see what kinds of things we do, check out the report and pictures below from previous years.  See 2014 blog posts here.

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The China Mission 2018 team went to China last fall.

Photos from China Mission 2012…

Description of China Mission 2012:

On October 28 we headed to the southern part of China, Guangxi province, with a team of seven people. For two weeks we visited an orphanage in Rong Shui, about 6 hours from Guilin. We cared for about 100 children ranging from the ages of five to eighteen. (There are also five foster children who live in the area that we support as well)

This was the fifth year that we have sent a team of people to visit these kids and help out a little around the place when we are there. One of the reasons we go to the same orphanage each year is to have some consistency for the kids that live there. They get to meet some of the same people, year after year, and I think that means a lot to them as they know we are traveling a long way to visit them.

This year we painted the three story building that the kids live in. In the past some of the other projects have been:
– built a cloth drying station on the roof of the orphanage
– installed a hot water heater
– fixed up and cleaned out an old building
– repaired and levelled an outdoor cement ping pong table
– painted the orphanage
– planted fruit trees and a small garden.

Most importantly we spent time with the kids, taught a bit of English (most kids in China study English in school), played with them, went on a day trip, and learned a bit about their culture. We brought some small gifts and, of course, money for the ongoing support and care for the children who live in the orphanage.

This year we were able to deliver over $18,000 to the children. (We deliver food, clothing, and educational fees and for appliances, construction materials and other capital items for their orphanage.) See the brochure we made for China Mission 2012.

Please partner with us by praying for the orphanage and our foster children, and by donating to China Mission 2013. The funds are collected and delivered through our church, Northwest Community Church. Every dollar we raise will be going directly to the orphanage and for support of the orphans. All of the travel costs for each team member are paid in advance by each person. You can give online at or you can send a cheque to Northwest Community Church (and note “China Mission” on the cheque). All on-line donations will receive a Charitable tax slip right away, and if you send a cheque the Church will send you one in February 2014.

Below is a promotional video from a previous year and photos from our trip. Check these out to see what we’ve done and will do…

2011 China Mission Trip Route

View 2011 China Missions in a larger map

2011 China Missions Trip

2009 and 2010 China Missions Trips


Donations can be made by writing a cheque out to “Northwest Community Church” with a note on the cheque that it’s for the “China Mission” (tax receipts will be issued by Northwest Community Church).

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