Ordination Service & Farewell – 10:30AM June 28, 2020

Northwest Community Church and Calgary True Light Gospel Church are excited to announce the Ordination of Pastor Kara Wilfley! You are invited to attend online (links below).

In the same service we will have a Farewell for Roger & Gail Helland as Roger completes his term as District Minister!

This will be a truly significant Sunday! Hope you can join us.
With anticipation in Christ,
Pastor Jeff & Pastor Abo

YouTube Live: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8rE0LNC40OMzMSZUP7KwoQ
Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/nwcchurch/
Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/92162991628 (100 limit)

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Links for Sunday Services (10:30AM):

Zoom: zoom.us/j/92162991628

Facebook live: facebook.com/nwcchurch

YouTube live: youtube.com/channel/UC8rE0LNC40OMzMSZUP7KwoQ

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The Way

New sermon series “The Way” in May 2020! Join us at 10:30AM Sundays.
https://zoom.us/j/92162991628 or Facebook Live https://www.facebook.com/nwcchurch (or phone 587-328-1099, meeting ID: 788 103 210)

If you have any needs during this pandemic (physical or spiritual), please contact Pastor Jeff.

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Virtual Services

I wrote down this verse this morning, “Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” (Psalm 21:24)  I thank God that we do not need to fear, because He is Lord over viruses!  Please continue praying for our service, our health, our witness, and our world.  May God be glorified in all these things!  Now, to our practical response…

Following our mission to be Christ in our Community, the AHS recommendations on social distancing, the City’s lead on “intentional overreaction” to flatten the curve on COVID-19, and the Edgemont School’s canceling all use of the gym, the leadership team has decided that we will meet virtually Sundays for the foreseeable future.  (True Light is doing the same.)  There will be no services at the ECA.

Please join us Sunday mornings at 10:30AM on Zoom or on Facebook Live. (Use Zoom if you would like to talk/be seen.)  Church events in general will be virtual until further notice.  It’s important to say again that we do not do this out of fear, but out of love for our community.

Let’s pray and help out with each other and our neighbours.

If you have any needs during this pandemic, physical or spiritual, please contact me.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Jeff

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Prayer Sheet for 2020

This PRAYER SHEET for 2020 has our prayer goals and seven sections you can use to record daily prayers, different prayer topics (e.g. friends, family, church, work/school, community, world, self), or however you like to organize your prayers. Keep this with your bible reading plan and journal. Let’s pray!

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New sermon series for 2020… MORE & MORE

Why settle for less?
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Happy Godly New Year 2020!

Bible Reading Plan for 2020:


Home page this or sign-up for daily emails: https://www.americanbible.org/resources/daily-bible-reading


1. Growth in hearing and obeying God.
2. Resources for growth.
3. Spiritual readiness.
4. Unity in church, marriage, and family relationships.
5. The blessings of renewal in the Holy Spirit.

Psalm 127:1 (NIV) Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.

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Advent 2019

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Christmas Hamper offering on Nov.24, 2019

This Sunday Nov.24, we will take an offering to buy the Christmas presents for 3 needy families in Edgemont. Our youth will buy all the presents on Friday. Please etransfer to treasurer@nwcchurch.ca, bring cheques with a “hampers” note, or cash on Sunday. Thanks!

(If anyone has new items that fit the requests that you would like to donate instead we can consider those filled before the ROC shop! See the spreadsheet here for our 3 families.)

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Freedom Session – Fall 2019 – for men & women

Pastor Jeff led Freedom Session with a group of men last year and it was so powerful he and Tricia are offering it again this fall for both men and women. If you are interested, please talk to Pastor Jeff. Here is a description:

Freedom Session is a 20 week, intensive healing-discipleship journey that uncovers the roots of pain in our lives and invites Jesus Christ to heal those areas of our hearts.  This will be a group that meets weekly in a living room.  Each group session includes video teaching, small group discussion, and homework in a comprehensive FS manual.

Freedom Session is equally effective for people from all walks of life, every socio-economic level and virtually every possible area of woundedness.  For example…

  • People who live for the affirmation of others, those unable to say no or erect legitimate boundaries, and those who afraid to say what they really feel. Those who’ve lived in the shadow of others, feel unworthy, never quite good enough or fundamentally flawed.
  • Those struggling with purity issues such as pornography and sexual addiction. FS helps people find freedom from the addiction, the shame and opens the door to Christ’s healing for the emptiness that often drives these behaviors.
  • People who’ve been wounded through physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse. FS helps facilitate healing from past trauma but also lessen the impact these past experiences continue to have on your life. It’s not the trauma that controls our lives today but the interpretation of the trauma. FS can give you back your voice and permission to breathe.
  • Those with less obvious wounds and/or issues in their lives (i.e.: anger, control, abuse, isolation, frozen emotions, sarcasm, broken or codependent relationships) who are seeking wholeness & significance. Men who just sense something is missing.
  • People who compulsively use food, alcohol and/or drugs to alter their moods or avoid dealing with life. FS helps you identify the deeper issues that make escaping so attractive.
  • Those walking through valleys of depression. We understand depression is a multi-factorial condition and may at times require medication. But when depression has a source birthed in painful experience, we have seen God bring about amazing healing as these memories are processed in a supportive environment.
  • People who escape into the fantasy world of TV, books, movies, or computer gaming.
    Those who are just ready to give up…or already have and have settled for a life of mediocrity. They’ve been to church for years, know all the right answers but begin to wonder if the Jesus they’ve heard and even spoken about really does exist..and if so, why does He seem so far away?
  • Young adults planning for marriage and just wanting to deal with some of the mistakes they’ve made in the past or hurtful memories endured while growing up.
  • Those currently going through relationship breakdown. There is both true and false guilt associated with this. Both forms of guilt feel the same and both are uncovered and dealt with at FS. Un-dealt with guilt feels very much like condemnation.

We’re all on the same journey. We all want to be loved, find meaning and hope in this life and in our relationships. We’ve all been broken to some degree. And we all need a measure of healing.  Freedom Session is for everyone!  In its simplest form, FS is writing your story with a new and God-inspired ending.

If you can relate to any of the above issues or love someone struggling in any of these areas, contact Pastor Jeff about the upcoming Freedom Session.

We pray these sessions will help with our corporate prayer goal for “freedom that bears fruit”.

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