July 18 at Aspen Crossing

Join us for a special service at our annual camp-out at Aspen Crossing! It’s about an hour SE of Calgary so plan to leave home around 9AM.
(Note: There is no service at the ECA.)

We will have four baptisms at their Sunrise Lagoon Beach. Bring a lawn chair, umbrella, water and a picnic lunch! (Note: No potluck this year.)

Meet at Building D by campsite 156.
Directions: Take highway #1 east & #24 south, or take highway #2 south & #547 east to Aspen Crossing. Then drive south at the entrance, cross the tracks, go east, then follow the sign “One Way 141-152” to site 156 and park at building D.

Or join us online at Facebook live: https://www.facebook.com/nwcchurch
(Note: No Zoom or YouTube this Sunday.)

6AM July 18 — Just like the day when Moses got the Ten Commandments, our holy place is wrapped in smoke! i.e. The wildfire smoke is quite thick this morning at Aspen Crossing. Anyone who has breathing difficulty may want to choose to watch the service on Facebook Live. But we will proceed… the in-person congregants will tremble in awe (Exodus 19:16)! ?

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