Good Friday Vigil Readings

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6PM Thursday – The Preparation of the Paschal Meal at the Home of a Friend in Jerusalem (Thursday Afternoon)
7PM Thursday – The Jealousy of the Twelve at the Paschal Meal; Jesus Rebukes Them and Washes Their Feet (Thursday Evening)
8PM Thursday – Jesus Talks about His Betrayer (Thursday Evening)
9PM Thursday – Warning the Disciples, especially Peter, That They Will Desert Him (Thursday Evening)
10PM Thursday – The Lord’s Supper at the Close of the Paschal Meal (Thursday Evening)
11PM Thursday – The Farewell Discourse in the Upper Room (Thursday Evening)


Midnight – The Discourse Continued After Leaving the Upper Room (Thursday Evening)
1AM Friday – The Intercessory Prayer of Jesus (Thursday Evening)
2AM Friday – The Struggle in the Garden of Gethsemane and Jesus’ Victory over Temptation (Thursday night)
3AM Friday – Judas Betrays Jesus; Soldiers Arrest Him; and the Disciples Desert Him (Friday after Midnight)
4AM Friday – Jesus is Brought before Annas the Ex-High Priest (Early Friday Morning)
5AM Friday – The Sanhedrin Calls a Hurried Trial in the House of Caiaphas (Early Friday Morning)
6AM Friday – Peter Denies Jesus Three Times
7AM Friday – The Sanhedrin Condemns Jesus (Early Friday Morning) in the House of Caiaphas
8AM Friday – The Remorse and Suicide of Judas the Traitor (Early Friday Morning)
9AM Friday – The First Appearance of Jesus before Pilate in the Palace (Early Friday Morning)
10AM Friday – Jesus Sent before Herod Antipas (Early Friday Morning)
11AM Friday – Jesus before Pilate the Second Time (Friday about Sunrise)
Noon – The Mocking of Jesus by the Soldiers (between Six and Nine Friday Morning)
1PM Friday – On the Way to the Cross Before Nine Friday Morning
2PM Friday – The First Three Hours on the Cross; Three Sayings of Jesus, the Soldiers Gambling for His Robe (Nine Friday Morning to Noon)
3PM Friday – The Three Hours of Darkness (Noon to Three Friday Afternoon); Jesus Dies (Three Friday Afternoon)
4PM Friday – Miracles Attending the Death of Christ (After Three Friday Afternoon)
5PM Friday – Joseph and Nicodemus Prepare Jesus’ Body for Burial (after Three Friday afternoon)
6PM Friday – The Women Rest on the Sabbath (beginning Six Friday Afternoon); the Pharisees Have a Guard Placed at the Jesus’ Tomb

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