April 2

Today was a good day and this is my story about it. We had an earlier than usual start so that we could hang out with the kids at the care centre before church. And while church surpassed my linguistic capabilities, it was fun to sit with the kids and listen to the music. After church we sat in the sun and ate many bananas before walking with the kids back to the hotel. Saying goodbye was sad, but no tears, just smiles. Crisis almost happened because Juliana and I almost got stolen by a motor bike/taxi, but it’s okay now because Lu fixed it! A super bumpy bus ride brought us all safely here to Liuzhou where we met up with Lu’s family and friends who also support the orphanage for dinner. Up until an hour ago, we were walking down by the Liuzhou river to see what was to be seen (it was really beautiful). So that’s my story. Goodnight friends.

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