Thursday, March 30th – The Orphanage 

Charman here. Today is my turn on the blog rotation. What a great day!  What a great team!  What a great God!  After breakfast and devos we went to the orphanage to meet the children. It was a bit of an awkward start given the language barrier, but it did not take our young adults and teens long to put their gifts to use and break the ice. They are amazing to watch in action!  Within the first hour we had ping pong games, jump rope contests, basketball, line dancing and parkour lessons. It was a smaller group of kids than usual as many have headed home to be with relatives for the special holiday weekend being celebrated in this province. However, those still here are here because they have nowhere to go so extra special we can be here with them. This afternoon/evening turned out to be a delightful surprise for all of us. We picked up tickets to a local Miao festival for the team, the kids and staff at the orphanage. It was an AMAZING cultural experience with music, dance, food and the most beautiful costumes. Not only was it an incredible cultural experience we never could have planned for (thank you God), but it allowed us to interact with and enjoy the kids on a whole new level. Tomorrow will no doubt be filed with lots of laughs and teasing when we meet up with the kids and remember our shared experience. Thanks to all for your prayers and support.  On behalf of the team, goodnight from Ronshui b

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