Midlife crisis

So I am calling this the midlife crisis because we are kinda in the middle of the trip and I thought it sounded like a decent title. 

So several things happened today, and I have some amazing news. 1. the team’s unity is awesome and 2. the orphanage has a dog and it’s paws are very cute. Her name is Loki. 

what is more, today we played uno with the kids. there is only about 10-20 kids left, but uno was a blast and we got up to pick up 72!!

After a good lunch, we went shopping for goods needed in the orphanage. We got items such as rice, hygiene products, dried goods and more. As always it was a blast!

We ended the day with an amazing supper that was very filling. Please pray for Joel, as he hurt his ankle and for energy for all the team! And now I am going to bed because I am very tired and i want to shower. 

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