Flip for Futures

Wear your flip flops in November!

“Flip for Futures” is a fundraiser which will run for the entire month of November.  Every day, children in the slums of Lucknow walk about either in flip flops or barefoot. While this adds many risks to these children due to the filthy conditions in which they live, their pain is most acutely felt during winter when temperatures drop as low as 0C, warm clothing/ blankets are in sort supply, and people die. Flip for Futures challenges families, schools, congregations and work places to wear flip flops for one chilly day during the month, in order to empathize with children enduring similar conditions every day; all winter long – AND to raise funds toward providing blankets/warm clothing to such families.

Donate online here, select “Ramseys – Asia” with message “Ramsey slum ministry”.

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