Wrapping Up a Magnificent Adventure

We’ ve been back from China for a week now and much has happened (at least in my life) in these past 7 days. It hasn’t been easy coming back, in fact I’m pretty sure Satan is really doing his best to mess me up. I wont go into the specifics of everything but it certainly hasn’t been an easy week. I’d forgotten how hard it can be coming back from a missions trip. On a happier note our last days in China were wonderful ones. We walked around Guilin some more and I got my hair permed-for those of you who haven’t seen it yet it turned out wonderfully so no worries! That of it’s own was quite the adventure. We then flew to Shangai before heading home. Shanghai was wonderful, it was strange to me though how normal it all seemed. The first time I went to China I started to feel very at peace and at home there, it just felt right somehow. This time I wasn’t expecting to feel the same way, after all it had been almost  5 years and I’ve changed and it’s changed but once again I felt completely at home in a place where I couldn’t understand anything. At first I figured it must have to do with the fact that I’d already been to Guilin, Rongshui and Yangshuo, I told myself that it wasn’t out of the ordinary for me to feel comfortable in a place I’ve already been. However Shanghai surely would feel different, it was after all a completely new place. But it was just the opposite. With taller people (must be something in the water there) a giant Forever 21 and a Sephora it was like being back at home just with more people and random train trolleys almost running us over. I found it interesting just how at peace I was there and now I find myself asking the question-does God want me there long term? I don’t know what my future holds especially in regards to China but I do know my heart remains there at the Orphanage even while I sit here in my room. The flight home was a long one, but not nearly as long as the one to China. We left Shanghai at 1:30 pm on Sunday November 11th and arrived in Vancouver at 8:30 am on Sunday November 11th at which point we said goodbye to Chuck and Phyllis before continuing home to Calgary and arriving at 2:30. I’m a time traveler, no big deal. We were all pretty tired to say the least and I started to catch the cold that I had managed to avoid up until that point. I am pleased to tell you however that I was rid of it within a couple of days and was able to go back to work on Thursday healthy and completely over my Jet Lag-Thank God! It has certainly been an emotional week for me, and I imagine for the others as well so if you are still reading this please continue to pray. It’s a comfort knowing Satan is messing with me because I’m closer to God but at the same time I’d rather he wasn’t. I will leave it at that, blessings on you all and until next time- Tsai Chen (I know I’m not spelling that right but that’s what it looks like in my head!)




A wonderful trip ending

with little consequence

a dream that lasted forever and ended too quickly

and the only proof that remains

are the little things I brought back with me

I’m lost in a place of butterflies and confusion

not hungry, not sleepy

I feel like I left my life behind in an entirely different Country.

Like I’m going to wake up and find we haven’t even left for the trip yet

or better still,

that I’m there with the kids.

Reality is being cruel to me

and I’m reaching out for the arms of my Father

with a hope that tomorrow will be better.

I’m praying for relief from the onslaught of evil and lies.

This darkness wont last

and even while it presses down around me

the light that is from God

that resides inside of me

presses back.

I will not live with a spirit of fear

because I am a daughter of the King.

This cold winter that I’ve come home to

will not last forever,

spring will come

and when it does

I will be ready to bloom

because nothing ever made anyone stronger

than trials overcome by Faith.

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  1. Kath Blacklock says:

    You are a great Blogger Steph. I will continue to pray for you and the team. It’s easy to think when you are back we don’t need to pray so much so its a good reminder . Also I love your poems.

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