China Adventure

Hello everyone! So after 24 hours of traveling we arrived last night without any problems. John picked us up at the airport, smiling away as he normally is. It was wonderful to arrive to a friendly and familiar face.

Today was quite busy, we woke up nice and early, had breakfast, devotional, went to the bank, went shopping and visited our foster kids here in Guilin. Having never met them myself before it was wonderful to do so. The conditions they live in are heart breaking but the government has recently given one of the families funding to build a new home. We got to walk through it and even though it’s still under construction you can tell it’s so much better than what they are living in now. I made friends with 2 adorable puppies as we were visiting as well-pictures to come! From there we came back to the hotel and then out for a late lunch at a great resteraunt just down the street. Later went out shopping for craft stuff for the Orphanage-we’re making puppets with them which should be awesome! Saw some really cool things and learned that apparently they celebrate Halloween in Yang Shuo and are starting to pick up on it here in Guilin-Who knew?! Just got back to the Hotel a little awhile ago after a quick stop for mango ice cream- the only words I can use to describe it our om-nom-nom. Everyone’s down for dinner except Marilynne and I as we are both still full from lunch and I wanted to get this blog started. We catch the train to Rongshui tomorrow and I am so excited to be able to see the kids again after nearly 5 years. I know I’m going to tear up- I have already just from thinking about it. It’s a huge blessing to be on this trip and be back in China once again. Hope you are all doing well, thanks so much for your prayers! I will try to keep you updated as we continue our adventure and follow down this path that God has placed us on.





P.S. I’m more of a poet so I hope you enjoy this one inspired by our Trip so far…


Bright Lights

flashes of colour, smells and sounds

that are so different from my norm

but somehow completely comforting.

Like a home I’d forgotten I still had resurfacing,

I find peace in the rush and madness

and hope in the poverty around me,

For in God all things are possible

and these are His people

these our His Children.

It is a movement just waiting to happen,

already starting if you know where to look

and I get to be part of it.

Surely this is what life is all about.

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  1. Yan says:

    Surely 5 years is short, Stephanie. I have the feeling that you described in your poem every time I go to China. Sadness surrounded me when I almost lost the hope: “Will these lost souls become HIS children? Will they hear and believe? You are light. You will reflect Jesus’ light. I pray that the Holy Spirit be with you every moment and give you the Power whenever you encounter each Chinese. Tomorrow, on the train. Like your poem, Stephanie. Wish I were there with you. God bless your soul, mind and physical need. Yan

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