Lent Resources

Here is the sheet we used Wednesday night…
Lent Hiding or Being Known
Here is a bible reading plan for Lent…
Here is a guide to fasting…
Lent Fast resource

Fast from judgment, Feast on compassion
Fast from greed, Feast on sharing
Fast from scarcity, Feast on abundance
Fast from fear, Feast on peace
Fast from lies, Feast on truth
Fast from gossip, Feast on praise
Fast from anxiety, Feast on patience
Fast from evil, Feast on kindness
Fast from apathy, Feast on engagement
Fast from discontent, Feast on gratitude
Fast from noise, Feast on silence
Fast from discouragement, Feast on hope
Fast from hatred, Feast on love
What will be your fast? What will be your feast?

 Here is a devotional from FreedomSunday.org.


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1 Response to Lent Resources

  1. Yan says:

    Almost all of them. Fast on anxiety, Feast on patience. Fast on evil, Feast on kindness.

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