Beginning of Lent Drop-in, 7-9PM Wednesday Feb.22 at the Edgemont Community Centre

Please drop-in any time Wednesday night for about 15 minutes to mark the beginning of the season of Lent. This will centre us on Christ for the 40+ days before Easter and connect us to the Church worldwide celebrating Lent. We’ll have a series of activity sites that will help each of us arrive at Easter prepared.

Traditionally some people give up something to help focus on the sacrifice of Christ. Some people add something to their Lent like specific bible reading, focus on prayer, or commitment for service. We hope that the evening of Wednesday Feb 22 will provide some ideas for members and friends of NWCC to step into this season of preparation for 2012. All ages are encouraged to attend – although children likely need to be of reading age to fully benefit. It should likely take about 15 minutes to move through the sites and you will have some handouts to take with you as well.

Everyone is welcome. See you there!

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