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Want to clean up the neighbourhood? (A Serve Day Report by Pastor Jeff Edwards)

On June 18 & 26, a couple of dozen adults and children cleaned up and fixed up around the rink and some of the signs in Edgemont. This is becoming a tradition for some of us. We first did this in October last year, and we’ll probably do it again this coming fall.

This June clean-up was in conjunction with “Serve Day”, a day that a number of churches in Calgary decided to join together to serve the communities of the city. After all, what better way to show God’s love to each other than acts of kindness in the neighbourhood? (You can read more about this at

The kids hit the jackpot behind the Edgevalley sign near the community centre where our church meets. Would you believe there were several huge garbage bags full of cardboard, cans, plastic bags and other junk in behind that sign? And lots of old election signs! All parties were represented. 🙂

We spent several hours weeding, sweeping, picking-up, trimming, tightening, knotting, edging, and planting. And visiting. Several neighbours dropped by and we visited. And one visitor even came back with work gloves to help. This spontaneous volunteer suggested that we do this again and invite everybody because lots of people would like to help with a regular neighbourhood clean-up. I agree. And it seems you do too by the number of honks of approval we received from passing cars.

Would you like to join us next time? Give me a call (403-616-6480) or an email ( and I’ll let you know when we’ll do the next clean-up.

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