Yangshuo and then to Guilin

Breakfast was at 9am today, finally a day that we could sleep in, at least a little bit. The, appropriately named, 7th Heaven Café serves eggs (scrambles, sunny side up, easy-over), with toast, orange juice, banana pancakes and coffee. They even make milk shakes. After breakfast we went out to buy some additional items for the two foster children that we were meeting today.

Yangshuo is a Chinese tourist town. You are constantly asked if you want to buy something or are interested in seeing any number of the local attractions. Bartering is required since prices are usually inflated past anything reasonable.

We had lunch with our two foster kids that we support here in Yangshuo. They had just returned to their high school after the holiday weekend, as in Longshui these kids also board at the high school during the week and only come home every second weekend.

In the afternoon we caught a local bus back to Guilin. The bus runs every ½ hour or whenever it’s full. Since busses are close to the largest vehicle on the road they can also command passing privileges, which means that they spend most of their time in the center of the road on top of the center lines, it doesn’t matter if the lines are solid or not. It surprised us more last year, this year you didn’t even blink if other vehicles were coming at us in the opposite direction, you knew they would get out of the way eventually.

We celebrated our last dinner together as a group with some rice wine. Yan and Kevin stay an additional day in Guilin while the rest of us head off to Beijing. John will drive us out to the airport tomorrow morning. One last ride in the microvan. 😉

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  1. Phyllis Reichert says:

    thank you Karl, for the updates every day. I have been following you all the way. You have done a great job in capturing the sights and sounds of life in China.

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