To Rongshui

Another long day of travelling. This is one big country, well I guess not unlike Canada. But unlike Canada there are more roads, more people, more bicycles, more scooters, more motor cycles, motor trikes, cars, trucks and every other kind of transportation device that you can image. Today consisted of 2 hours in the micro-van for John, Shumin and Karl, with Yan, Alison, Kevin, Jeff taking the bus from Longshen to Guilin. John’s van arrived ahead of the bus group and we went shopping for lunch and snacks at one of the local supermarkets for the train trip south to Rongshui. No we didn’t buy the pre-packaged chickens feet. We said goodbye to John at the train station. We will see him again on Monday.

We then boarded the regional train for the 5 hour journey from Guilin to Rongshui. From Guilin is wasn’t too bad yet after Liuzhou the train was packed and people were standing in the walkway sections connecting the cars. Just after 6pm we arrived in Rongshui. David, the director of this orphanage, and a group of people from a local Christian youth center picked us up at the Ronshui train station. After a quick trip to the hotel and a shower we were off to dinner with David and friends. We had an opportunity to discuss their work here in Rongshui and how both the orphanage and the youth center have supported children in this town and surrounding community. By the way, China only designates city status on towns that have more than 100,000 residents. Rongshui is big, it just has not passed that magic number yet.

We are all excited to see the orphanage tomorrow morning. I can only describe it as the feeling that you have when you are about to visit a place again and the first time you were there you had a great and very memorable time. Now as you think about going back to that place all the past memories and experiences flood back at you and heighten your anticipation of this upcoming visit.

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3 Responses to To Rongshui

  1. Yan Liu says:

    Dear Susan and Phyllis,
    Nice to hear from you too. It was exciting to see the Calgary team. Shumin and I have Chinese SIM cards so we talk on the cell phones constantly. That was good. The train was not as good as the one in 2008. We were in a bench cart. It was very smoky. But we did not care. We talked to a young lady who was going to Germeny to study Human resouce. We played cards too (Squeeze the Black Pig). Miss you all.
    Phyllis, we heard about you and we have prayed for you. His healing hand is upon you, all day long.
    Xiangtian is such a mature lady and she has much more confidence! God is molding her. It is nice to see the kids that have grown so much! My sweet heart He Ni is such a beauty that I wanted to put her into my luggage. All kids are lovely….Love, Yan

  2. Phyllis Reichert says:

    That seems like a nicer train, than we went on. It looks roomy and clean! Blessings on all of you. Nice to see Yan and Kevin have joined the group. Miss you all.

  3. Susan Unger says:

    So nice to see you all – finally a picture of (Karl) the photographer! And wonderful to see Yan & Kevin. I have posted links on my facebook page and we have friends from Cranbrook praying & following your journey as well! Wishing you energizing sleeps for your full days. Many blessings to all of you.

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