Rongshui, Neil Taylor Christian Care Center

We took a motorized rickshaw to the orphanage this morning. Two bench seats down the sides, vinyl covering, sometimes a rope is secured at either end of the roof hanging down the center and serves as a place to hang-on (if you so choose), an open back and for 25¢ per person you can be taken anywhere in Rongshui. They are everywhere in China and the standard form of short distance transportation. They will allow as many people as they can fit to increase their fare. Last year’s record was 14 children and teenagers in one of these contraptions, including a couple of Canadian teenagers hanging off the back and standing on the rear step. When you take any type of transportation in China you must leave your canadianized expectations at home.

The children were excited to see us again and ran to give hugs, in particular to Alison and Kevin who they were especially excited to see again. Teenagers and adults returning from abroad to see them again, that’s a significant statement for these children. For them, the actions speak louder than may words. We had a great reunion, played games and handed out gifts that we had brought. During the afternoon when they went back to school we painted the handrails and gates of the main building. In the evening after dinner they sang for us and we sang for them, we did a skit, prayed, handed out some small gifts and interacted with them until just before 10pm. Just being with them, having time to visit and smile, that says a lot; and often that’s just what they need. It was a late day for the children and another late day for us.

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2 Responses to Rongshui, Neil Taylor Christian Care Center

  1. Catherine Korol says:

    What a wonderful experience for all of you! Very heart warming to see this kind of outreach happening. Glad to hear your luggage caught up with you Karl! Great pictures – happy healthy kids in spite of the situation being so far from what you would wish for them.

  2. Susan Unger says:

    Your pictures speak volumes! Sending blessings, energy and wonderful time!

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