Home Again

Two weeks away and it’s feels like we have been traveling for a month with all the distance we have travelled, all the children we have visited, all the sights we have seen, all the food that has been tasted and the people that have been a part of this year’s China Missions trip. I feel tired. I’ve had a cold and a runny nose for 5 days and it’s been dragging me down. Even so a part of me still feels that there is more that could be done for the children, even though we touched them ever so briefly.

We said our goodbyes to Shumin after breakfast. He took a high speed train to visit his family and we spent our last day in China walking through the Olympic plaza. We walked around the Bird’s Net stadium and went inside the Water Cube swimming pool structure. The architecture of these structures and others surrounding them is amazing. As we left around 11:00 the courtyards and building were filling up with tourists and sightseers. Beijing with its 19 million people, equal to more than ½ the population of Canada, is a huge and massive city. It’s difficult to fathom the enormity of such a center. It almost feels claustrophobic.

This was my second time to China with  a Northwest Community Church Missions team. There are numerous memories; driving with John, visiting the foster kids outside of Guilin and in Yangshuo, our first visit to the North Canton Christian Care Center in Longshui and also meeting their high school kids, going back to the Neil Taylor Christian Care Center in Rongshui and seeing the changes in kids from last year, playing games and performing skits; and being remembered.

We are all tired as we head back to Canada, each with his or her own experiences and thoughts on this trip as well as future hopes. As we leave China there are already discussions amongst the group about next year’s trip. We shall see …

Have we answered the question we asked on March 27th? I think we each found answers, some that we were looking for, others to questions that were not on our list. Personally, I think actions speak much louder than words. Being there, listening to, laughing with, hugging a child or praying with them confirms that they are valuable not only to us but also to God.

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