Guilin to Yangshuo

John met us at the hotel in Guilin and after a Chinese fast food breakfast we took taxis to the Guilin Riverboat docks. After the taxis had departed we found out that we were at the wrong location. We were at the riverboat dock for “local” tourists and we should be at the dock for “foreign” tourists. We spoke with one of the toll booth agents and he offered to drive us to the other dock for 50 RMB, about $8. It turns out that many people end up at the wrong location and they have a van available for just that purpose. An easy way to make $8. We speculated that perhaps they have an arrangement with the taxi drivers. 🙂

Although the day was somewhat cold and wet the riverboat journey down the river between Guilin and Yangshuo was breathtaking.

After arriving in Yangshuo went to see the Silver Cave. Yangshuo is John’s home town and he suggested that this cave was worth the trip. With seven people squeezed into his microvan (John found two more chairs) we drove about 40 minutes to the cave. We were not disappointed. The cave is huge! There are massive stalagmites, stalactites, columns, stone waterfalls and many other cave structures. The walk through the cave took about an hour.

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  1. Susan Unger says:

    How many people can you fit into a microvan in China? Sounds like the volkswagon beetle scenario! Beautiful pictures! The caves look like they have coloured silk hanging from them.

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