Beijing and then back to Calgary

The day was spent as a holiday in Beijing. A day to relax, see some of the sites, debrief and partially recuperate from stresses and strains of the last two weeks. 

After breakfast Frank, a long-time friend of Shumin’s, drove us to see the Great Wall at the Mutianyu World Cultural Heritage site. It was a beautiful sunny day. Even from the parking lot the climb up to the wall was steep. Our legs ached after the first few minutes, we persevered and final reached the wall itself. It is an amazing site. After walking the wall for a couple of hours we took toboggans back down to the parking lot.

Lunch was at a restaurant close to the Great Wall, with fresh fish (scooped out of the pond), fresh vegetables, chicken with cashews and corn cakes.

We drove back to Beijing, said goodbye to Frank, dropped our stuff off at the hotel and rode the subway to the Silk Street shopping complex for some last minute shopping. At the entrance to the shopping center is a giant map of the world and we stuck one of our Canada / Alberta pins to mark Calgary.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Shumin. He is spending another week in China visiting family. Jeff, Alison and I will head to the airport to fly back to Canada.

Here’s also where the time zone gets us back. We leave Beijing at 3:50pm and arrive in Vancouver at 11:50am, on the same day. We finally arrive in Calgary at 6:30pm, all on the same day! It’s going to be a few messed-up days early next week. 🙂

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  1. Yan Liu says:

    So, did you really take the “tobagganto” by the “Speed Shute Amusement” company? 🙂

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