To Longshen

It was an early morning to begin yet another 5 hours journey in our pint-sized minivan. Not something to look forward to.

The tough part was leaving Longshui. You feel like you only just got to know a few of the children, shared some time, a hug, some smiles and a few laughs. You taught each other a couple of words in a new language and laughed as the other person stumbled through the pronunciation difficulties. But none of that matters because somehow you shared a common bond. It’s that basic, for these children just being there for them is enough.

This was the first visit of a group from Northwest Community Church to the orphanage in Longshui. As we leave Longshui, squished into our sardine-can van, plans are already being discussed how next year’s team could stay longer and what they could do to for the children. 

The countryside to Longshen is beautiful. We took lots of pictures and climbed up to one of the villages and it’s terraced fields to stretch and work the legs. John’s fantastic driving skills once again brought us safely to our destination. In Longshen we met up with our team members from Kuwait, Yan and Kevin Chen.

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2 Responses to To Longshen

  1. Yan Liu says:

    Xiang Tian was the performance MC when we were at NTCCC. She is not a shy little girl any more, although she told us she was nervous. I see she is becoming a row model in NTCCC. She is going to senior high this fall. Phyllis, your love from above has been supporting her, obviously. We are thankful. Love, Y

  2. Phyllis Reichert says:

    Thanks so much for the blog and the updates each day. I almost feel as if I am traveling with you. Please give John a hug from Chuck and I. Blessings on you, and could you say a special hello to Xiang Tian at NTCCC for us. God Bless,

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