Oct.24 – Do Something Event – A huge success!

Church was very different on October 24.  Instead of a sermon, Northwest Community Church did some exertion.  Instead of readings, we did weedings.  We cleaned-up around the rink, the Edgebrook Blvd parking lot, and the ten Edgemont signs.  Normally, we meet in Mother Mary Greene School at 10AM on Sundays for a church service, but we decided to change it up that day for some community service.  And we had a great time, especially the kids (the trick is to disguise work as play!)

So, have you ever looked really closely at the grass, or beds, or bushes in our neighbourhood?  Pretty clean, right?  Yes… until you get your nose in there and… whoa!  There are wrappers and baggies and foil bits and paper and Calgary election signs everywhere.  And broken glass!  We had an expert team of children running around the rink doing broken glass detection.  They would find the glass in the grass and then an adult would pick it up and dispose of it.  Weeds were a big job too.  I don’t know how many garbage bags we filled, but it was a lot.  However, many of our landmarks were spotless and nicely weeded and everything.  So kudos to our neighbours who already doing community clean-up.  You’re awesome.

We also fixed the benches, replaced screws, and cleaned up at the rink under foreman Rick Wierzbicki.  We’d work for him anytime.  It’s ready to roll again for winter hockey and skating.  Our compliments to Rick and volunteers over the years who have built and maintained the rink.  It’s an amazing thing for our community.

Jesus said “If anyone loves me, he will carefully keep my word and my Father will love him—we’ll move right into the neighborhood!” (John 14:23, The Message)  We believe we should love our neighbours and love our community just as Jesus’ words challenge us to.  Our church mission statement begins “Be Christ in Our Community” and that is our desire.

Thank you Northwest for your help and thank you Lorri and Barb at the ECA for the idea and prep work.  By the way, Northwest Community Church will be moving to 10:30AM at the Edgemont Community Centre starting January 2, 2011.  (Thanks to Mother Mary Greene and Principal Lindy and Vinh for being gracious hosts for many years.)  We’re very excited.  And we’d love to have you drop by to join us or give us more ideas for helping out in our community.

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