Advent & Christmas 2017…

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September at Northwest!


September 10, 2017





September 17





Beginning various dates





September 22

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July 16 Service in the Mountains!

This Sunday is our annual baptismal service in the mountains!  And the forecast is sunny and 26C!

WHEN:  Communion service at 10:30AM Sunday July 16 followed by baptism in the river.  Then picnic potluck at noon.  Done by 2PM.

WHERE:  Sandy McNabb Group Camp A  

  • 21km west of Turner Valley on highway 546.
  • It is approximately 90 minutes door to door.  

WHAT TO BRING:  A lawn chair, something to drink, food for the potluck (whatever you like).  Plates, cutlery, napkins will be provided.


  • There is no cell service at Sandy McNabb.
  • There is no English service at the ECC on Sunday.

See you there!

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Church Camp!

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Please support the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre

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Easter Services

Our Easter Communion Service will be at our regular time of 10:30AM at the Edgemont Community Association.

Our Easter Sunrise Service is at 6:30AM.  Come to the cross at Nose Hill Park (West entrance) for a short service of hymns, prayers, and Scripture. A wonderful Easter tradition!  (Note: A new parking lot is being built at that entrance, and Centre Street Church also has a service there, so you may want to park on Edgebrook Road NW and walk across to Nosehill to avoid the traffic.)

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Good Friday Vigil Readings

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6PM Thursday – The Preparation of the Paschal Meal at the Home of a Friend in Jerusalem (Thursday Afternoon)
7PM Thursday – The Jealousy of the Twelve at the Paschal Meal; Jesus Rebukes Them and Washes Their Feet (Thursday Evening)
8PM Thursday – Jesus Talks about His Betrayer (Thursday Evening)
9PM Thursday – Warning the Disciples, especially Peter, That They Will Desert Him (Thursday Evening)
10PM Thursday – The Lord’s Supper at the Close of the Paschal Meal (Thursday Evening)
11PM Thursday – The Farewell Discourse in the Upper Room (Thursday Evening)


Midnight – The Discourse Continued After Leaving the Upper Room (Thursday Evening)
1AM Friday – The Intercessory Prayer of Jesus (Thursday Evening)
2AM Friday – The Struggle in the Garden of Gethsemane and Jesus’ Victory over Temptation (Thursday night)
3AM Friday – Judas Betrays Jesus; Soldiers Arrest Him; and the Disciples Desert Him (Friday after Midnight)
4AM Friday – Jesus is Brought before Annas the Ex-High Priest (Early Friday Morning)
5AM Friday – The Sanhedrin Calls a Hurried Trial in the House of Caiaphas (Early Friday Morning)
6AM Friday – Peter Denies Jesus Three Times
7AM Friday – The Sanhedrin Condemns Jesus (Early Friday Morning) in the House of Caiaphas
8AM Friday – The Remorse and Suicide of Judas the Traitor (Early Friday Morning)
9AM Friday – The First Appearance of Jesus before Pilate in the Palace (Early Friday Morning)
10AM Friday – Jesus Sent before Herod Antipas (Early Friday Morning)
11AM Friday – Jesus before Pilate the Second Time (Friday about Sunrise)
Noon – The Mocking of Jesus by the Soldiers (between Six and Nine Friday Morning)
1PM Friday – On the Way to the Cross Before Nine Friday Morning
2PM Friday – The First Three Hours on the Cross; Three Sayings of Jesus, the Soldiers Gambling for His Robe (Nine Friday Morning to Noon)
3PM Friday – The Three Hours of Darkness (Noon to Three Friday Afternoon); Jesus Dies (Three Friday Afternoon)
4PM Friday – Miracles Attending the Death of Christ (After Three Friday Afternoon)
5PM Friday – Joseph and Nicodemus Prepare Jesus’ Body for Burial (after Three Friday afternoon)
6PM Friday – The Women Rest on the Sabbath (beginning Six Friday Afternoon); the Pharisees Have a Guard Placed at the Jesus’ Tomb

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Back home

We flew back today and landed safe and sound. All of us are jetlagged and tired but so excited to share about our trip and the powerful moments we experienced. Thank you to all who supported us in prayers and donations.

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The Team is on their way home


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Cool Beans Ma Doode

Okie dokie, so today I woke up at 5 and as such I feel tired right now, so please excuse my lack of writing propriety. The team woke up at 5 this morning so we could go to The Great Wall!! Worth It!! It was absolutely perfect and I feel like I walked up over a thousand stairs (I dunno if I did or not tho). As a team we all sang the doxology on the wall, twice! And we sounded fantastic if I do say so myself. There was this one time when the door was covered in bees so we sang Jesus loves me to stay safe and we did, so I guess God must be real😂 At the market we all got to barter and it made me feel really good about myself cause I won every time. Anyways Gods real, and I’m tired. Love to you all, goodnight.


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