Back home

We flew back today and landed safe and sound. All of us are jetlagged and tired but so excited to share about our trip and the powerful moments we experienced. Thank you to all who supported us in prayers and donations.

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The Team is on their way home


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Cool Beans Ma Doode

Okie dokie, so today I woke up at 5 and as such I feel tired right now, so please excuse my lack of writing propriety. The team woke up at 5 this morning so we could go to The Great Wall!! Worth It!! It was absolutely perfect and I feel like I walked up over a thousand stairs (I dunno if I did or not tho). As a team we all sang the doxology on the wall, twice! And we sounded fantastic if I do say so myself. There was this one time when the door was covered in bees so we sang Jesus loves me to stay safe and we did, so I guess God must be real😂 At the market we all got to barter and it made me feel really good about myself cause I won every time. Anyways Gods real, and I’m tired. Love to you all, goodnight.


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Photos for April 4th!

We had crabapple and strawberry treats! Super yummy!

We got the opportunity to check out the forbidden  city. If you look closely, that large lion creature has a little baby gnawing on its giant paw. Scary and cute at the same time!

Lastly there was a beautiful rock garden with 400+ year old trees and new blooming cherry blossoms. If I were the emperor this would have been one of my favorite places to spend my day.

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Monday April 3 

Today was a lot of traveling. A smooth wonderful bullet train from Liuzhou and has the nicest hotel we have stayed in. We arrived in Naning before noon, and stayed in the airport till five, had coffee, and left. Now we are sitting in the Beijing international airport, and Rachel’s baggage was lost… We are still waiting on it. And now it was found.

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Tuesday April 4

We are in Beijing now and spending the last few days we have in China being tourist’s. Today we started with local candy treats and went to The Forbidden City! There were so many people but it was considered “not a busy day”. We got to see the beautiful architecture of the 14th century and got to learn about the many buildings and their purposes of what once was a private city/castle. We ended the day with some shopping and While some of us were browsing in a store, worship music came on and was playing out loud in the store. It was confusing at first to hear praise music in such an unexpected place, but was so powerful to hear it loud for any costomer to hear.

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Liuzhou under the night lights.

Liuzhou at night time is super pretty. We are back in Beijing now! Off to bed as it is way too late for us. Thanks a ton for your prayers by the way guys! Here are some more photos of beautiful Liuzhou, enjoy!

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Miao festival

newspaper story about local festival and “foreigners” who visited
This is a newspaper story about a local Miao festival here in Rongshui. It was held on our first day here at the orphanage. Was a complete surprise. We booked tickets for our team, the kids and orphanage staff. It was SPECTACULAR! Was a great way to bond with the kids and overcome the language barrier. The newspaper article talks about the festival and the “foreigners” who visited. Rongshui is quite rural so we are the only westerners I have seen in nearly a week. We feel like rockstars here – people keep stopping us to get our photos. The newspaper photos have several of our team.

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April 2

Today was a good day and this is my story about it. We had an earlier than usual start so that we could hang out with the kids at the care centre before church. And while church surpassed my linguistic capabilities, it was fun to sit with the kids and listen to the music. After church we sat in the sun and ate many bananas before walking with the kids back to the hotel. Saying goodbye was sad, but no tears, just smiles. Crisis almost happened because Juliana and I almost got stolen by a motor bike/taxi, but it’s okay now because Lu fixed it! A super bumpy bus ride brought us all safely here to Liuzhou where we met up with Lu’s family and friends who also support the orphanage for dinner. Up until an hour ago, we were walking down by the Liuzhou river to see what was to be seen (it was really beautiful). So that’s my story. Goodnight friends.

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Some hiking photos

We got to go hiking yesterday (April 1st). It was loads of fun and we wanted to share some of the experiences with you!

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